Collective Worship

Collective Worship & Liturgy Training

Our school embraces Collective Worship and to ensure that this is of the highest possible standard, we provide ongoing liturgy planning support for staff & pupils alike; this is monitored and reviewed regularly to ensure we continually strive to improve our practice. Acts of Worship include:

  • Monday whole school Act of Worship based on the Gospel and teachings of the ‘Wednesday Word’ – planned and led by a memebr of our Senior Leadership Team
  • Tuesday whole school Act of Worship based on the Statement of Belief and seasonal feast days – planned and led by the Junior Chaplains or Head of School
  • Wednesday class based Act of Worship, using the Scripture books and planned and led by Class Liturgy Teams
  • Thursday Prayer & Praise enables our children to deepen their faith through hymn singing and prayerful reflection, including a range of traditional and contemporary music, including the work of John Burland which is successfully used to complement our teaching of ‘Come & See’ – planned and led by Mrs Duncan.
  • Friday Praise Assembly or Class Sharing Assembly which provides pupils, staff and parents with the opportunity to celebrate the mission of our school to ‘Be the best you can be!’

Staff also engage in their own special liturgies during staff meetings, staff prayers and at key points in the liturgical year, such as Advent and Lent; providing us with the opportunity to pray and reflect on the Word as a staff team, including the use of ‘Little Lectio’ as a form of worship.


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