Survey for Key Workers


Dear Parent/Carer

We remain committed to supporting children and families with specific needs but must balance this with our own obligations to minimise the risks associated with maintaining an on- site provision which have been clearly outlined to us. To be clear, this will not be like a normal school experience.

It is important to clarify that this relates to families where both parents are key workers, and on where shifts, for example, mean they are unable to provide a safe environment at home between them. Given the need to minimise the associated risks as outlined above we are only able to accommodate a small number of young people with the greatest need.

We are currently awaiting confirmation but anticipate that key workers are likely to be classified as those working in the NHS, care homes, police, fire service, teachers, education support workers and childcare staff, social workers, prison staff, local authority planners, environmental health officers, armed forces, those delivering food goods and working in supermarkets, and those manufacturing equipment such as respirators.

This is neither an exhaustive, nor definitive list and will remain under review, however we recognise that families will be making plans to respond to the latest announcements so wanted to share our current understanding at the earliest opportunity. We also need as a matter of urgency to plan for demand for this service and so ask any parents/carers who have a need to access it to provide their details through a short survey which can be taken using this ling

It is important this survey is completed by no later than 1:30pm on Friday 20th March

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