Our School Mission


Our Christian values of kindness, caring, forgiveness, compassion and co-operation support the spiritual and moral developments of our children and wider community, as we grow and learn together knowing that Jesus loves us all because we are special and unique. We have a sense of worth knowing that we are contributing towards something warm and special in SMQOM. All children take a pride in our mission statement which fully describes our expectations and the understanding that Jesus loves us always, through good and bad days. We aim to create and foster a genuine love for learning so our children can develop their knowledge and understanding, thinking skills, self-confidence and social and emotional skills.


Christian Ethos

Be the best you can be, Jesus loves you always.

Our school's mission values are rooted in our Catholic teaching and are explored at every opportunity through Collective worship, restorative practices, the working day and playtimes. They impact on all learners and enable them to flourish as individuals, whether they are Catholics, Christians, of other faiths or of no faith. SMQOM benefits from close links with two Catholic churches: St Mary Queen of Martyrs and St Francis. Our Parish Priest and Lay Chaplain are closely involved with the spiritual life of the school. Our children are actively involved in preparing for Mass at the beginning and the end of each half term. Their reading, singing and reverence is a credit to themselves and their families.


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