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Mr R Brown

Teaching Assistant

I love spending my spare time in Scotland with my family. During my time in Scotland, I have climbed mountains such as Ben Nevis. I am a huge Harry Potter enthusiast. I also love all animals, especially tarantulas.

Mrs C Fuller

Teaching Assistant

Any spare time that I get, I like to spend it with my family at our caravan in Skegness. I also enjoy shopping... maybe too much! To keep fit, I like to cycle anywhere and everywhere.

Miss A Westwater

Level 4 Teaching Assistant

In my spare time I like to go skiing and shopping! 

Mrs H Offen

Teaching Assistant

When I am not at school, I like camping with my children.

Mrs H Hewitt

Foundation Stage Teacher/Art and Displays Coordinator

In my spare time, I play for a local netball team. I enjoy swimming and have recently taken up trampolining. I'm interested in art, crafts and photography. I regularly visit my lovely family over in sunny Stockport.

Miss J Choromanska

Teaching Assistant

Miss L Moss

Teaching Assistant (One-to-one)

Miss S Read

Phase 1 Teacher/History & Geography Co-ordinator/British Values/NQT Mentor

I like all types of art, craft and design. I love making things whether it be sewing, painting, sketching or baking, I'm always making something. I enjoy holidays especially as they give me the time for my other love, reading. The Gruffalo is great!

Ms K Conroy

Teaching Assistant

When I am not spending time with my lovely little boy, I love to spend time relaxing in our caravan and socialising with my lovely friends. 

Mrs K Paterson

Level 4 Teaching Assistant

In my spare time, I like to go walking and mountain climbing. I'm also a trained PADI scuba-diver. I also love my holidays abroad and have travelled to all parts of the world! To relax on an evening, I enjoy going to the cinema!

Mrs T Hardmeat

Teaching Assistant

Loves all sports especially Netball

Mrs K Merckel

Phase 1 Teacher/SEN Coordinator

Miss K Adams


Miss A McGowan

Teaching Assistant (One-to-one)

Mr M Evans

Phase 2 Teacher/PE Co-ordinator

I love sports. I particularly enjoy football and ice hockey. I like visiting different countries and cities when I can and meeting people from different places in the world. I love films and going to see them at the cinema.

Mrs C Redmond

Phase 2 Teacher/D&T Coordinator

Last year I became a mummy and I love spending time with my family. We enjoy playing in the park, feeding the ducks and visiting the Streetlife Museum. In Summer, Mr Redmond and I like to go camping and walking in the Dales.

Mrs S Broadhead

Phase 2 Teacher/RE Co-ordinator

Hi! I love to spend time with my family and friends socialising and eating out! I also have a very cute cat called Penny.  I also run a Brownie unit and I have taken up knitting although I need lots of practise!

Miss P Chadwick

Teaching Assistant

When I'm not at school, I like swimming and socialising with my friends.

Mrs M Cooper

Level 4 Teaching Assistant /First Aider

In my spare time, I really enjoy arts & crafts, baking and decorating cakes! I have even made a wedding cake for a Premiership footballer!

Mr W Muldowney

Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Onn

Lay Chaplain/Phase 2 Teacher

Mrs J Foster


Miss L Anthony

Teaching Assistant

Mr J Hermann

Phase 3 Teacher/Pupil Premium Manager/Website Manager/Computing Coordinator/MFL Coordinator/NQT & School Direct Mentor

I love football - enjoying my time as a Sheffield Wednesday supporter again (after many years of woe!) I love listening to all kinds of music, going to the cinema and socialising with my friends. Recently, I have taken up running in an attempt to get fit. I am loving being a father to my beautiful daughter - she's full of energy and keeps me on my toes!

Mrs N Allen

Phase 3 Teacher/Maths Coordinator

I always try to have a positive outlook on life. In my spare time, I am a keen traveller and I usually visit a different country each year. I enjoy arts and photography. I love Christmas and look forward to spending that magical time with my family.

Miss C Cowan

Teaching Assistant

I love Saturday nights in with a takeaway (my favourite is Chinese!) and there's nothing better than watching X Factor and having a girly night with my friends!

Mrs T Laws

Teaching Assistant/First Aider

When I am not at school, I like spending time with my three children and I also enjoy cooking.

Mrs A Whincup

Level 4 Teaching Assistant

My favourite hobby is to go shopping! If I am not in the shops I like to spend my time with family and friends. I have also recently started to go to Irish dancing.

Miss L Allen

Phase 3 Teacher/RE Coordinator

I enjoy spending time with my two sons and my new puppy Albert. I like reading and watching films, especially funny ones! When I have the time I like to bake and decorate cakes. 

Mrs A McIntosh

Interin Head of School/Child Protection

At the weekends and holidays, I love spending time with my husband, our sons and their families. We are blessed with two beautiful grandchildren who bring so much joy to our lives. I also like reading, watching sport, going to the theatre and ...eating chocolate, occasionally.

Mrs J Duncan

Phase 1 Phase Leader/Literacy Coordinator

I am married with 3 teenage boys so it's 4 boys against one girl in our house! I put up with a lot of football talk! I love going on UK holidays. I'm a fan of Mr Darcy from Pride & Prejudice and I've watched the BBC production too many times!

Mr J Guthrie

Phase 2 Phase Leader/Science Coordinator/School Global Links

Away from school, I try to keep myself as healthy as possible through playing a range of sports! Unfortunately, as a huge Sunderland AFC fan, football is not the healthiest thing to be interested in at the moment...
I am extremely excited about Hull's stint as the City of Culture and can't wait to experience all of the fantastic events!

Mr D Luscombe

Phase 3 Leader/Interim Assistant Head of School/Assessment Co-ordinator

I am absolutely sport mad! I play cricket, rugby union and football and am a long suffering supporter of Derby County. I also love spending quality time with my young son.

Mrs J Clark

Foundation Phase Leader/Music Coordinator

When I’m not at school I like to spend time with my family. We all meet up at the weekend to spend quality time together. I love looking after my three grandsons doing lots of messy activities. I enjoy reading, going for long walks, gardening and decorating.

Mrs M Ryan

Executive Headteacher

Mrs C Chadwick

Senior Clerical Assistant/First aid

I love all kinds of sport and I am an avid fan of Liverpool FC, my favourite player is Steven Gerard! I also enjoy get togethers with my family when we play lots of games and quizzes.

Mrs A Irwing

Business Manager

I have lived in Hull for 20 years now and enjoy spending time with my family and watching football, particularly Sunderland!

Mrs J Lamb

Child Supervisory Support Officer

My best friend is Aunt Bessie and the microwave! I also like to spend as much time as I can with my family especially my beautiful grandchildren

Mrs J Marsden

Senior Lunchtime supervisor

Mrs M Clarke

Caretaking Staff

When I am not at school I spend my time with all my lovely grandchildren! On a weekend I like to spend time socialising with my husband.

Mrs V Dennett

Caretaking Staff

In my spare time I like to go shopping or spend time with my grandchild Charlie. I also like to read lots of books - especially when I am on holiday.

Mrs N Dunbar

School Cook

Ms M Hodgson

School Kitchen Staff

Ms K Atkinson

School kitchen staff

Mrs L Farah

Administrative Assistant

Mr T Beech

Site Facilties Officer

Mrs J Kent

Child Supervisory Support Officer

Mrs A Burton

Child Supervisory Support Officer

Mrs J Cardy

Child Supervisory Support Officer

Ms A Arndt-Kosinka

Child Supervisory Support Officer

Mrs Y Mendez Ramirez

Child Supervisory Support Officer

Mrs E Colclough

Child Supervisory Support Officer

Miss L Kelsey

Child Protection Coordinator/School Council

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