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Phase 1 Pentecost Party

We have been learning about Pentecost in RE. It is a special holy day so we decided to celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit with a party!First, we designed a Pentecost party poster. Then we made a special Pentecost party hat.

12 May

Spring 2017 Citizenship Awards

As always, we are very proud of all of the children that attend our school. We are especially delighted with the children nominated for a Citizenship award this term. 

9 May

Palm Sunday

This morning, we celebrated Palm Sunday with our traditional procession around the school. The children were very vocal, as always, celebrating the arrival of Jesus into Jerusalem. 

6 Apr

RE prizes - Spring 2017

Well done to all of our wonderful KS1 and Foundation Stage children for their fabulous RE books. Congratulations to Jude for being voted the overall winner!

6 Apr

Phase two Parent Day - making mince pies in Mrs Duncan's class.

Phase Two had a Christmas Craft Day. The parents were invited to make mince pies with the children!

15 Dec

RE Prizes - December 2016

We love the RE award - we give out certificates and prizes to those children who have made an extra effort in their RE books. Their learning is also superb! 

15 Dec

Phase 3 Christmas Craft Bonanza!

Today we had our Christmas Craft Day. There were lots of things happening, a busy day enjoyed by everybody!

12 Dec

Operation Christmas Child

This year, the staff, children and wider community of our school have taken part in Operation Christmas Child. 

A small shoebox can have a big impact. What goes into the box is fun, but what comes out of it is immeasurable. It is all about changing children’s lives all over the world  through the power of a simple gift with Operation Christmas Child.

It has made us feel really positive that we have made a child's life happier. 

18 Nov

Key Stage 2 Netball competition

We participated in a netball tournament at Kingswood Academy in October.

1 Nov

Year 3 and 4 Tag Rugby tournament

We had 11 of our children compete in a Tag Rugby tournament at Kingswood Academy in October.

1 Nov

Hull Pirates Ice Hockey Assembly

We  had a visit from the Hull Pirates Ice Hockey Club. Their player coach Dominic Osman and one of their netminders, Ashley Smith, came to talk to us as we are looking to build a link with the club.

1 Nov

Phase 3 DT Week

This week we have been designing and making Hull Fair rides. Our aim was to create a ride with a moving element. 

14 Oct

Phase 3 Mosque Visit

Phase 3 went to visit a mosque recently. We had a lovely time there as we learned so much about the Islamic culture and traditions. 

13 Jul

Phase 3 Stone Age Day

Phase 3 have been learning about the Stone Age. For the culmination of our topic, we held a Stone Age day. Mrs Duncan was baking Stone Age bread, Mr Spink making Stone Age jewellery and Mr Hermann was creating homemade ink and staining fabrics. It was a busy day, which ended with the phase and parents getting together to celebrate what had been learned. 

1 Jul

Year of Mercy Fundraising Activities

Phase 3 did lots of baking to raise money for our Year of Mercy charities. Each class is supporting a different charity (Dove House Hospice, Amnesty International and Hull Royal Infirmary) as part of our acts of mercy.

21 Jun

Global Celebration Day!

Our school celebrated being global citizens as we enjoyed a day full of activities and fundraising. The children were challenged to think on a truly global scale and had some great discussions! We learnt lots more about our partner school, Empowering Children, in Freetown. We managed to raise £265 on the day and this will contribute greatly as Empowering Children purchase furniture for their classrooms! A huge thank you to all who contributed!

6 Jun

Stay and Play 18.05.16

We had another very successful Stay and Play session last Wednesday. The focus was on Knowledge of the World. The children thoroughly enjoyed making grass heads and bird feeders from recycled materials, weaving different materials and tasting breads from different countries. 


It was wonderful to see the children interacting with their family members and showing them how they learn in their school environment.  Thank you to all the relatives who came. We hope it has helped you to better understand how children learn in this particular curriculum area. 

24 May

First World War Newspaper Reports

The children became journalists and really engaged with the topic as we conducted research for our newspaper reports.

17 May

Science Club

Spaghetti tower building fun!

17 May

Year 6 post SATs treat

Well they finally came and went... the SATs! The Year 6 children have worked so hard this year in preparation for their SATs and it is finally now all over. To celebrate all the chlidren's hard work, we decided that they deserved a treat! 

17 May

Phase 1 trip to the Streetlife museum.

On Thursday May 12th, the whole of Phase 1 went on a trip to the Streetlife Museum in Hull. This was linked to our Transport topic that we have been enjoying over the Summer term 1.  

17 May

Year 5 Sion Mission Team Performance

As part of our Be Spirited week, our Year 5 children gave a special performance, looking at how Jesus is always with us in our lives.

17 May

Foundation 2 Farm Trip Part 2

The 2nd part of our adventure.

6 May

St Mary's Got Talent!

Our children recently performed at the HU7's Got Talent Show, held at the Kingswood Academy. We were blown away by their talents!

6 May

Foundation Stage 2 Farm Trip Part 1

Foundation 2 had an enjoyable day at the Farm; this visit was part of our topic.


6 May

F1 Stay and Play: Number Friday 29th April

We had a very successful and fun-filled afternoon during our number stay and play workshop. There was a fabulous turn out of parents, carers and family members. It was delightful to watch them creating number rhyme activities and having lots of fun at the same time.

4 May

Music Performances

We are proud of our children - they work really hard in school. These children have also worked extra hard to learn to play their musical instruments and practise outside of school, as well. We were treated to a lovely concert - led by our talented pupils. 

28 Apr

RE Award

We are always very proud of our children at St Mary Queen of Martyrs. We have our RE assembly to celebrate all the wonderful Religious Education work we do in our school.

28 Apr

Spring Citizenship Awards

We are always really pleased when children work hard, try hard and make a great effort to be a good citizen. We have a Citizenship award to celebrate our wonderful children.

28 Apr

Downing Street part 2

The policeman told us many interesting facts about Downing Street.

20 Mar

Downing Street

We were lucky enough to go down Downing Street and stand outside the Prime Minister's door.

20 Mar

Year 5 London Trip - Houses of Parliament

On Tuesday 1st March, our Year 5 children set off (very early!) on an epic trip to London. This blog will tell you all about our experience at The Houses of Parliament. 

18 Mar

London Visit.

Year 5 were lucky enough to be able to visit London and explore the amazing capital city. We started our journey at Hull Paragon Train Station at 6:30am.

18 Mar

Year 5 Spelling Bee

Two of our fantastic Year 5 children were invited to the Year 5 Spelling Bee, at Kingswood Academy. 

18 Mar

Year 5 and 6 David Walliams character posters with Mrs Duncan

We celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as our favourite characters. In Mrs Duncan's class we made character posters of David Walliams characters.

4 Mar

David Lawrence Jones author visit!

We were so lucky to have author David Lawrence Jones visit our school on Tuesday this week. He is the author of the Bradley Baker series. He created an awful lot of excitement that day!

25 Feb

Chinese food day

Today we have celebrated the year of the monkey by eating famous and popular Chinese food. Also the hall was decorated with fantastic Chinese decorations. 

25 Feb

Our amazing Chinese dragons!

Our pupils have been working hard with their parents to make their own Chinese dragon at home! We told them they could use any materials and it could be as big or small as they liked! Scroll down to find out more and look at just some of the fantastic dragons!

5 Feb

Phase 3 DT Afternoon

As part of the DT curriculum, and to link in with our theme this term, Phase 3 held a DT afternoon. The children (and over 40 parents!) created hotel rooms out of shoe boxes and other junk modelling materials. Come and see what they did!!

4 Feb

e-Safety Treat

Today, we were lucky enough to be visited by a theatre company, who came in to talk to us about e-safety. This is all about staying safe whilst on the Internet. We had fun and learned lots. 

2 Feb

PE Outdoor Games in Phase 3

As part of the PE curriculum, we are using a fun programme called Real PE. This week's lesson was all about teamwork and solving problems and challenges.



26 Jan

Mexican dinner

On Wednesday 20th January, the whole school had a Mexican school dinner. There were chicken wraps, with a choice of chicken, minced beef, vegetables, beans, cheese , sour cream or salsa. If you preferred chilli con carne, you could have that instead. Along with your main meal, you could have sunshine rice, Mexican potatoes, vegetables or salad from the salad bar. For dessert you could choose from fruit filled wraps with chocolate and ice cream or a Mexican cookie or shortbread with custard.

20 Jan


At St Mary Queen of Martrys we have always loved Science! This year we have had a lot of money invested into Science to make it more exciting! We have invested in a Mobile Science Lab! 

13 Jan

Science Big Bang Event at Kingswood Academy

In Phase 3 we were very lucky to be given the chance to go to Kingswood Academy to work with their pupils to learn more about Science! 

13 Jan

Good Citizenship awards Autumn term

Every term, each teacher in our school chooses one member of their class who is a good citizen! Their choice is influenced by the child's contributions to school life, behaviour in lessons and their relationships with others in the school.

11 Jan

RE Prizes - December 2015

At the end of every term, each teacher nominates an RE book from a child in their class. The book should demonstrate excellent learning, presentation and progress.

Here are the children in Foundation Stage and Phase 1 who were chosen. Well done to Jessica Burgess who won a fantastic Bible Sticker book. 

17 Dec

Phase 3 Christmas Day

Phase 3 had a Christmas activity Day. They did a variety of Christmas themed activities and finished the day with a Christmas quiz and Christmas music. Thanks to all the parents, grandparents and relatives who came to help!

Mrs Duncan's activity was mince pies.......not the ones that you can buy from a supermarket! The children actually made mince pies from scratch!

12 Dec

Phase 3 Titanic and Tea

This term, Phase 3 have been studying a topic all about Voyagers and Explorers. We have recently focused on the doomed voyage of the Titanic. The phase celebrated their fantastic work with parents on Wednesday 4th November. 

8 Nov

Mr Guthrie's class: Skype video call with Empowering Children School, Sierra Leone.

To introduce St Mary Queen of Martyr's partnership with Empowering Children School in Freetown, our class enjoyed a very special Skype video call with the pupils live from Sierra Leone! We had prepared questions and were welcomed by traditional African songs and dances from children of all ages who attend school there! As the children and their families in Sierra Leone have been recovering from devastating floods, we were extremely happy to see every single child smiling ear to ear throughout our conversation.


15 Oct

Mrs Duncan's and Mrs Broadhead's class are exploring friction!

The pupils had to work in groups. They set up a science investigation to discover the effects of friction against different materials.

12 Oct

Farm to Fork at Tesco

The children in Phase 3 have visited Tesco St Stephens to learn about where our food comes from and how it is prepared.

8 Oct

Y5/6 DT Days

We had great fun with our Voyagers and Explorers topic this week. Our focus this week was Mexico, more specifically, Mexican food. Our DT topic was to test, design and make a tortilla, as well as learning about the important Health and Safety aspects of cooking. Come and see what we did and what we found out!

4 Oct

Year 6 Reflection day

Today we went to St Stephen's Church for a reflection day organised by Miss Onn and Mr Coyle. We thought about all the things we were excited or worried about in the forthcoming year.

28 Sep

Phase 2 trip to Filey: Part 1

On Monday 13th July, Phase 2 went on their Summer trip to Filey. It was exciting looking for creatures, playing in the sand and creating Art attacks.

14 Jul

Hoscars 2015

Tonight has been a very exciting night! At Hull Truck Theatre, we were invited to the Hull Oscars 'The Hoscars'. Our year 3/4 children have worked extremely hard to produce the film 'A Time to Change.'

To make the night even more amazing - we won!

13 Jul

F2 Trip to Hornsea beach

On Thursday 9th July, F2 went on on a fantastic trip to Hornsea beach. There were big waves, rocks to collect, sand castles to construct, and lots more...

10 Jul

Sports Day 2015

We had a fantastic Sports Day this year. All of the children put maximum effort into their events and we all learned about the importance of working as a team. Come and have a look!

8 Jul

Mr Spink's class - Transition day

Today we all got to meet our new class teachers for next year. We did lots of different acitivities in the morning and then in the afternoon we did some team building games

6 Jul

Harvey's First Holy Communion

Today was a very exciting day for Harvey Golby, who made his First Holy Communion at St Bede's church. It was a lovely Mass and we hope he has a lovely day celebrating with his family! 

5 Jul

Big Blow Concert

Today the Year 4 children, as part of their wider opportunities music lessons, performed at the City Hall with many other schools (There were nearly 500 children playing.) 

24 Jun

Shape Day in Phase 1

Today we've been really excited to learn about different shapes and their properties. We have been constructing using 3D shapes, using Geoboards, solving shape puzzles and using mathletics to learn more about 2D and 3D shapes. 

19 Jun

Phase 2 Ancient Greek Day - Making Tiganites

Mrs Duncan and Mr Spink really got into the spirit of the day by dressing up!

13 May

Magical Musicians

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that our musicians have come first, again, in the Hull Schools Music Festival. Our talented children came first ahead of many other schools from our area. To say we are delighted would be an understatement!

19 Apr

Art in Phase 1 with Mr Hermann's Class

We have been looking at Famous people as part of our topic. We've looked at the work of Florence Nightingale and done some art work about her.

19 Mar

World Book Day - Staff

Everyone joined in the fun!

14 Mar

Phase 2 World Book Day Mrs Duncan's Class

To celebrate World Book Day, we made bookmarks in Mrs Duncan's class!

5 Mar

Tudor Housing in Phase 1

We are looking at famous people in our topic this term. This week, we are looking at the diary of Samuel Pepys, witness of the Great Fire of London.

3 Mar

Chaplaincy day

On the 25th February the chaplaincy team from our school went to the Endsleigh Centre to meet with the  teams from the other Catholic schools in Hull.

27 Feb

Story writing with Mr Hermann's set

We have been learning to write stories in Phase 1. We have been writing stories using storyboards and drama to help us remember important vocabulary. 

23 Feb

Maths Investigating with Mr Hermann's Set

We have been learning how to measure the length of something using a ruler, this week. We wanted to investigate this problem, "Does the tallest person have the biggest feet?"

This is what we found out.

14 Feb

A short story of a string telephone

In Science we are currently learning about sound. We know how it's created and how it travels but just to check our findings we have conducted an experiment.

Miss Richert asked us to build a string telephone!

11 Feb

Mrs Duncan's Class - Get well Card.

We made Lillie a special 'Get Well' card when she had to go into hospital.

31 Jan

Year 3 & 4 Roman Day - Making Roman Honey cakes

Phase Two had a Roman Day as part of their topic. Mrs Duncan's class made traditional Roman Honey Cakes.

30 Jan

Year 3 and 4 Science Lesson

We were learning about our digestive system.

26 Jan

Year 3 & 4 Magna Trip part 2

We created our own volcano.

15 Jan

Year 3 & 4 Volcano D&T Project

In Phase two we made volcanoes as part of our topic "Natural Disasters."

12 Jan

Year 3 & 4 Christmas Day - Making Mince Pies.

Phase two had a Christmas Day and we invited the parents to come and join in the fun! Mrs Duncan's Class made mince pies!

12 Dec

Year 3 and 4 5 a side football competition at Kingswood Academy

We competed last week at Kingswood Academy in a 5 a side football tournament.

21 Nov

Stay and Play - mathematical development

What we did..... 

We dressed as pirates for our treasure hunt. This was no ordinary treaure hunt, we had numbers on the gold coins.

11 Nov

Keeping Healthy

During our Science lessons we have been learning all about how to keep healthy.  We created some posters that show you how we can be healthy at home.

21 Oct

Kingswood Science Morning

All the year 6 went to visit Kingswood Academy for an exciting Science morning! We had lots of fun experimenting with lots of different things!

21 Oct

Roman Day - Mr Spink's room

On Wedensday 15th October, we had a Roman day in school! We went round the different class teachers in Year 3 and 4 and learnt lots about the Romans. In Mrs Duncan's room we made Roman honey cakes, in Mr Spink's classroom we learnt about the army and made Roman shields and in Miss Richert's room we made togas and brooches. We were also very lucky because some of our family members came into school to help out as well! 

16 Oct

Mr Spink's class liturgy

In RE we have being looking at the differences between a house and a home. At the end of the topic we had a liturgy to reflect on what we have learnt about.

16 Oct

Cake decorating club

On a Wednesday after school, Mrs Revell runs a cake decorating club for small groups of Phase 3 children. 

16 Oct

Science Experiment

In Phase two, we were learning about the influence of different drinks on our teeth.

15 Oct

Welly Walk

Today we went on a really fun Welly Walk to raise money for people in Africa. Come and see what went on...

10 Oct

Speed Cops

Year 6 and the Police went on a quest to find speeding motorists outside our school. Who would find the person speeding the fastest? 

10 Oct

Cooking Club

During this half term, Miss Tindall, Mrs Broadhead and Mrs Duncan have been running a cooking club with some of our Year 5 and 6 pupils.

10 Oct

Exploring the senses

On Wednesday 24th September, we did a fun lesson to explore our five senses. Take a look at the activities we really enjoyed doing in the classroom. 

24 Sep

About Me Shoeboxes in Phase 1

Our topic, this term, is All About Me. We set the children a Summer homework project to create a shoebox that best represents themselves. We have had such a lovely time getting to know our children and their families!

19 Sep

Orienteering in Phase 2

This half term in PE Phase 2 have been doing orienteering.

19 Sep